Speaker Showcase with Terri Trespicio: Dread-Free Marketing: No Posting Required

Learn how you, like Melanie, can ditch daily posting pressure and promote genuine growth strategies aligned with your style.

This is one of Melanie’s signature talks that she’s been asked to deliver on multiple occasions to online audiences of up to 200 live (and beyond for the recordings). 

You may have been led to believe that your success as a business owner is inextricably tied to your social media presence and that unless you post every single day forever, your business doesn’t stand a chance. It may even be the reason why you dread marketing altogether—because you feel you “have” to do it a certain way. But what if you didn’t?

Join Melanie Obitz-Bukartek, PhD, EdTech Founder and CEO, who successfully charted her own course—without daily posting (which she dreaded)—by aligning her strategies with her personal style. In this talk, she challenges the overhyped promise of social posting, and shows you how to embrace more effective and authentic methods for growing your business and your reach.

Melanie has a corresponding course for those interested in going deeper to figure what marketing methods fit best for them.

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